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After five feature films, the Jason Bourne saga is heading to television…without its signature action hero. USA has ordered a Bourne spinoff, Treadstone, straight-to-series so that the universe can be expanded on TV. Via Variety, the connective tissue between the Bourne movies and Treadstone will be the fictional CIA black ops organization that created Jason […]

INCEPTION’s Mystery Ending Has Finally Been Solved

One of director Christopher Nolan‘s most ambitious movies of the last decade was Inception, a trippy heist film that involved breaking into the dreams of other people and descending into multiple layers of reality. Nolan even ended Inception with an ambiguous shot that left viewers wondering if it was a dream or reality. On today’s […]

Sword Art Online Season 3 Reveals Theme Song Performers

The long-awaited third season of Sword Art Online, which covers the Alicization arc, is finally set to debut this October, and now we know who will be performing the themes. LiSA—who previously performed first season OP “crossing field,” second season EDs “No More Time Machine” and “Shiruishi,” and Ordinal Scale ED “Catch the Moment”—is on...

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JURASSIC PARK Heads Back to Theaters for 25th Anniversary

In 1993, director Steven Spielberg‘s Jurassic Park brought Michael Crichton’s landmark novel to life with its groundbreaking depiction of CGI and animatronic dinosaurs that are still impressive over two decades later. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was released earlier this year, and the franchise is more popular than ever. But in just a few weeks, the original Jurassic Park […]

Funko Gives Freddy, Jason, and Other Horror Icons a He-Man Makeover

Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Pinhead, and Leatherface have been turned into toys many times, and usually the form these figures take is pretty close to their classic horror style. This time, however, they look like they could be masters of the universe, as Funko is giving them image makeovers in the style of […]

A RICK AND MORTY Pop-Up Bar Just Opened in Washington D.C.

What do you do when you’ve already created a bar based on the most popular show in the world? You make one for the most popular show in the infinite universes. That’s right, it’s a Rick and Morty pop-up bar! The show’s been turned into the Wubba Lubdda Dub Pub! A post shared by S […]

You Can Adopt Dogs That Failed Their Government Training For Being Too Nice

All dogs are good dogs, but not all of them have the right disposition to do important jobs, and some pups never graduate from their service training. Does that make them failures? No, it just means they are too successful at being friendly to work with the public, or they’d rather take a nap than […]

SUPERPOWER DOGS IMAX Teaser Shows Canine Heroes in Action

Sometimes, everyone needs a hero. And when called upon, our faithful canine companions can be more impactful than any big screen superhero. Next year, IMAX is releasing Superpower Dogs, a new documentary that puts the spotlight on dogs from around the world who use their “super-power” talents to save lives. IMAX has dropped a new teaser for […]

Steel Serpent Shows His Power in Final IRON FIST Season 2 Trailer

Sacha Dawan’s Davos may not be as hilarious an adversary for Danny Rand as David Wenham’s Harold Meacham–whose blank-slate resurrection in season 1 was on a par with Kyle MacLachlan’s “Dougie” in Twin Peaks–but he’s a whole lot deadlier. In the final trailer for Iron Fist season 2, which drops Sept. 7th, he appears to […]

Bizarre States #203: ALL WEIRD OF THE WEEK

This episode is ALL Weird of The Week! Coke nuns, lunch lady thieves, and drunk wasps! Has the D.B. Cooper mystery been solved? Why are lullabies always so dark? All this and more! BUY BIZARRE STATES PINS HERE! Follow @JessicaChobot, @andrewbowser and @Bizarre_States on Twitter!  You can watch the podcast episodes live Wednesdays at 4pm PST on Alpha and YouTube, or catch up […]

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