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The Mind-Boggling Ames Window Illusion Still Works After You Figure It Out

For many optical illusions, there’s a life cycle on a person-to-person basis, and it’s often pretty short (see exhibit A: the black and blue or white and gold dress). First, the observer sees the illusion and is fooled by it. Then, they discover why it provides the effect it does, and once they know that, […]

First Look At Spider-Man’s New Suit In FAR FROM HOME

Warning: There are potential spoilers ahead for Spider-Man: Far From Home! When it comes to Spider-Man rumors in the MCU, there are usually one of two sources: leaked pictures from the set or Tom Holland’s legendary loose lips. This time, we can’t blame Tom for the latest set pics to send fans into a frenzy. […]

SUSPIRIA is a Radical Remake That Lacks Feminine Power (Fantastic Fest Review)

Susie Bannion’s body is an instrument, an undulating chord of spine manipulated by outside forces to write symphonies. Her music is black magic and revolution, dance and danger. She auditions for and is quickly accepted into the Markos Dance Academy in Berlin. It’s 1977, German Autumn, the city embroiled in political and social chaos. The […]

TCM Sets Sail on 25th Anniversary Classic Film Cruise

I love going on vacation—getting away for a week or two without having to worry about anything but eating, drinking, and looking at stuff. But if I’m honest, most vacations don’t have nearly enough movies for my liking. Sure, there’s lying out on a beach or whatever, but after 45 minutes of that, I start […]

The Jackie and Laurie Show #143: I Lost My Notebook

This week on the Jackie and Laurie show, making Jackie cry, an air of mystery, the patience of improve, and ending on an up laugh.   Comic of the Week: Solange Castro @solange_here   We have a website! Laurie made it!   Buy Laurie’s new book Dead People Suck! Follow @jackiekashian and @anylaurie16 […]

7 ’90s Sports Movies You Can Stream Right Now

It’s a scene that has played out thousands of times before, and it will happen thousands of times again: somebody is very confused when they walk in on someone else watching a sporting event that took place two decades earlier. “How can you be watching a game that happened twenty years ago?” they ask. It’s […]

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero Star in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene

They said we were mad. They said it was a crazy idea. They said we could NOOOT be serious. What was it that caused everyone to lose their minds? Earlier this year we helped Tommy Wiseau record a very real audition tape to play The Joker, with an assist from his friend and The Room […]

Ranking Janet’s Best Reboot Outfits on THE GOOD PLACE

NBC’s The Good Place has been celebrated for its cerebral humor, creative premise, and outstanding performances. But one aspect of The Good Place that must be recognized is its costuming. Specifically – Janet’s perfectly coordinated style, which is kept in tact over every single reboot of The Good Place’s reality. Without further ado – we […]

Half Hour Happy Hour #213: Creepy Baby

This week the team tackles the creepy baby syndrome, they talk hurricanes and Apple stuff!
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