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Posts published by “Christy Admiraal”

“Weird Al” Yankovic Covers 77 Songs in a Single Video

Since the 1994 release of “Polkas on 45,” “Weird Al” Yankovic has proven time and again that he has a knack for polkafying popular songs, ranging from random samplings of the Rolling Stones’ catalog (“The Hot Rocks Polka”) to the rap, garage rock, and nu metal of the early zeroes (I maintain that “Angry White […]

KRISTEN BELL Interviews Animal Actors for NETFLIX

By this point, it’s well established that Kristen Bell pairs well with adorable animals. Fortunately for all of us, Netflix took notice and gave her the gig of a lifetime: an exclusive interview with some of its original programming’s best, brightest, and four-leggedest stars. It was the cat’s meow (I make no a-paw-logies) to get […]

This Corgi Sneaks Over to a Farm at Night to Ride His Pony Best Friend

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a dog making friends with an animal of a different species is always adorable. There’s no shortage of evidence to back this up (emotional support dogs for skittish cheetahs, anyone?), and we’re seeing more of it with every passing viral video. Speaking of which, we have a new […]

Chris Evans Will Star in Neill Blomkamp’s Next Movie

When it comes to Chris Evans, the first question on all our minds is: What will become of Steve Rogers, and therefore the title of Captain America, in the as-yet-unnamed fourth Avengers film? The second is: What will Evans do next… aside from star as a cop on Broadway? Now we have our answer, and […]

Minor MCU Characters Who Should Survive INFINITY WAR

If you saw Infinity War (and you almost certainly did), you’re probably still reeling over Thanos’ fateful finger snap. And why wouldn’t you be? It’s likely that or more of your favorite inhabitants of the MCU got vaporized. And, given that, you have to wonder about the fate of everyone else. Who among The Other Guys—the […]

Keep Your Phone Charging With This LEGO Minifig Life Hack

A LEGO-adjacent life hack emerged on Twitter this week after a professor of microbiology figured out the true value of minifigs. Just discovered that LEGO hands are the perfect size for making sure your phone charger doesn’t fall off your desk — Rebecca Shapiro (@ShapiroRebecca) May 8, 2018 When Shapiro’s ingenious observation went viral, […]

Our Favorite GIFs of STAR WARS BFFs Han and Chewbacca

As the release date of Solo: A Star Wars Story draws ever closer, we’ve had a question on our minds: “What is a man without his best friend?” In the case of Han Solo, he’s still a scruffy yet charming smuggler with a killer smile and a cool vest. But no story about said smuggler would be complete […]

Laika Announces MISSING LINK, a Star-Studded Movie About the Yeti

Need something to look forward to next year? How about a painstakingly crafted tale of monster hunters and mythical landscapes? Laika, everyone’s favorite stop-motion animation studio, has you covered. Their latest movie, Missing Link, was announced today with a release date of spring 2019. Directed by Chris Butler, who helmed 2012’s ParaNorman, Missing Link follows two intrepid […]

Fox, IMAX, and DeviantArt Team Up for DEADPOOL 2 Poster Contest

What do you do when you need a poster for the Merc with a Mouth’s new movie? Why not turn to fan artists, the people who like him already? That’s what Fox did in partnership with IMAX and DeviantArt, where artists have been having fun with Deadpool for years. Five different fan artists participated in […]

WESTWORLD Renewed for Season 3

HBO announced today that Westworld has been renewed for a third season. Westworld became appointment television practically the moment it premiered, and it’s only gotten better with the time-jumping, mind-bending beginnings of season two. Now, we know that we’ll be getting even more of everyone’s favorite… however you’d describe it. Let’s just go with “sci-fi/Western/mystery/??? TV show” […]

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