Why INFINITY WAR Has Us Pumped for a Spidey/Strange Pairing

Small-scale storytelling, an organic connection to the greater themes of the MCU, a villain with clear-cut motivations, and pitch-perfect casting were just some of the elements that made Spider-Man: Homecoming one of the best Marvel movies to date. Tom Holland‘s Peter Parker is a consistent delight: endearingly self-deprecating and boundlessly enthusiastic with killer comedic timing. […]

WESTWORLD Fans Experience Sweetwater IRL at SXSW

There’s no show better suited for elaborate publicity stunts and exclusive promotions than Westworld. And that’s never been clearer than it was with SXSW 2018’s one-of-a-kind Westworld experience. Dubbed the Westworld: Live Without Limits Weekend, the staggeringly elaborate in-universe event that occurred on March 9 -March 11 took up more than two acres of land […]

Watch MISTER ROGERS Save Public Television on DRUNK HISTORY

It’s hard to think of a figure in the history of television more deserving of media tributes than Fred McFeely Rogers (that’s Mister Rogers to you). And we’re likely to see more and more of them cropping up, as this month marks 50 years since Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood debuted on WQED in Pittsburgh. But I’m certain we […]

Glass Potato Chips Are (Kind Of) A Real, Delicious Thing

Have you ever wanted to eat something clear, crunchy, and flash-fried to perfection? Well, now’s your chance, provided you have the time, the ingredients, the supplies, and the desire to whip up a batch of “glass” potato chips. The chips (or crisps)—which are made primarily of baked potatoes and homemade potato stock, and not actual glass—were […]

PANDAS Get Their Own IMAX Movie Narrated by Kristen Bell

Mark your calendar with a panda face: Pandas, a Kristen Bell-narrated, Warner Bros.-produced documentary all about the titular bear, premieres in select IMAX and IMAX 3D theaters on April 6.  It’s about time pandas get their well-deserved turn in the spotlight. The aggressively adorable animals were the subject of an IMAX short, Pandas: The […]

LUCKY CHARMS Adds Unicorn Marshmallows

Have you ever eaten a bowl of Lucky Charms and known deep down something was missing? Despite the utter deliciousness of the crunchy-then-squishy marshmallows and the beautiful shade of greenish white your milk turned as soon as the cereal hit the bowl, the experience was incomplete. Your days of marshmallow-related ennui are over! According to […]

TOMB RAIDER Fans, There’s a Lara Croft Barbie on the Way!

Who says Barbies can’t raid tombs? Mattel just announced the addition of a li’l Lara Croft to their ever-growing collection of film-inspired Barbies and Kens. Appropriately dubbed Tomb Raider Barbie and crafted in the likeness of Alicia Vikander, the doll will be available March 9, but you can go ahead and pre-order it for $29.99 just […]

Disney World’s TOY STORY LAND Opens Summer 2018!

Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando has been in overhaul mode for some time now as the park makes (more) room for Pixar and Star Wars. Now, you can truly get hyped for your next Disney outing because beginning June 30, 2018, Hollywood Studios will be your gateway to the wonderful world of Toy Story. Buzz, […]

PARKS AND REC and THE GOOD PLACE Share a Universe and We Have Questions

Children’s author, magazine editor, and generally excellent tweeter Darran Stobbart made a stunning discovery today that has us all contemplating where our favorite Parks and Recreation characters will spend eternity. Stobbart connected the dots to show Parks and Rec is set in the same universe as The Good Place. Just discovered that The Good Place takes […]