BATMAN #48 Gives Batman and Catwoman Some Pre-Wedding Day Troubles (Exclusive Preview)

If the wedding of the 20th century was that between Superman and Lois Lane, then clearly the wedding of the current century is the upcoming union of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, better known to you as Batman and Catwoman. In Batman #50, coming to comic shops this summer, the Cat and the Bat will finally tie […]

BLACK PANTHER’s Angela Bassett Reads Killmonger’s Lines and Nails It

Actress Angela Bassett is, quite simply, a national treasure. How awesome is Ms. Bassett? Well, the folks over at BuzzFeed News recently got the actress to  “audition” for the part of Erik Killmonger in Black Panther, instead of the part she actually played in the film, Queen Ramonda. And as you can see below, she kicks […]

9 Essential Episodes of ANGEL

Although Joss Whedon’s now classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer is rightly celebrated as one of the greatest and most influential TV series of all time, in many ways, it was surpassed by its darker, more adult spin-off Angel, starring David Boreanaz as the titular vampire with a soul. While it took a little while for […]


Here’s some news that will either make you giddy with excitement or roll your eyes in disgust, depending on how you feel about the recent TV reboot craze. According to the folks over at Deadline, Fox Chairman and CEO Gary Newman told members of the press, when discussing the success of recent reboots like X-Files and 24, that […]

X-FILES Meets GOLDEN GIRLS Is the Mash-Up We Never Knew We Needed

We are smack dab in the middle of an era of TV reboots. We’ve recently seen the return of classic shows like Twin Peaks, and very soon, Roseanne will be returning after twenty years away from television screens. Meanwhile, Queer Eye was the TV reboot we all needed but didn’t even know we wanted. The […]

TITANS TV Series Will Introduce Second Robin, Jason Todd

While fans might be waiting years for that Nightwing movie, or finding out the story behind Robin #2’s costume in the trophy case in Batman v Superman, it seems we will be getting live-action versions of our favorite former Batman sidekicks — just on television and not the big screen. The latest episode of the […]

NEW MUTANTS May Add Fan Favorite Warlock in Reshoots

We’ve known for awhile that The New Mutants was being delayed by Fox for almost a whole year, but only recently discovered the “real” reason for the delay. Although the official explanation for film’s extensive reshoots was an upping of the ante of the horror element (after test screenings showed that audiences were responding to […]

Muppet Creators’ Documentary Gets New Trailer and Release Date

At South by Southwest last year, a new documentary called Muppet Guys Talking premiered to rave reviews from most who saw it, but unless you were one of the lucky ones who got to see this reunion of legendary puppeteers, you were out of luck, as no release date was seemingly on the horizon. Now we’ve learned, […]