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Preview Dark Horse Comics’ ZELDA Encyclopedia (Exclusive)

Late last year, Dark Horse Comics, makers of many fine books and other products that are basically a fan’s dream, unveiled their The Legend Of Zelda Encyclopedia. It comes in a couple of sweet editions, one of which matches the covers of their comprehensive Hyrule Historia and their The Legend Of Zelda: Arts And Artifacts […]

HIS DARK MATERIALS Series Casts James McAvoy as Lord Asriel

BBC’s adaptation of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy has found another star from the X-Men universe; Deadline reports James McAvoy will join Logan‘s Dafne Keen in the fantasy meets science fiction series. McAvoy’s set to play Lord Asriel, the father of Keen’s Lyra Belacqua, a.k.a. Lyra Silvertongue. Asriel is a powerful man, an explorer, […]

STRANGER THINGS Prequel Novel, and Other Books, Are Coming!

You know your genre property has reached maximum pop culture penetration once it gets its own expanded universe of spin-off books, and for Stranger Things, that time has come. Announced via Deadline, publisher Penguin Random House is partnering up with Netflix on a worldwide publishing deal for a series of books based on the Duffer Brothers‘ insanely popular […]

7 Things We Learned from the MORTAL ENGINES Set

Imagine the distant future Earth, some 1,700 years from now, where cities don’t remain in a static location, but instead roll across the surface of the planet. They run on hulking engines and expand upward in dizzying levels, with larger cities like London dwarfing smaller towns. To gain precious materials and resources, big cities can […]

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY’s 8 Best Chewie and Han BFF Moments (Spoilers)

Han and Chewie are a formidable pair, whether they’re flying the Millennium Falcon, avoiding Kanjiklub, rustling rancors, or trying to make it back in time for Life Day lunch! Fans were finally given a chance to see the origin story of the galaxy’s best buds in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and we were loving […]

See Lando and Qi’ra Costume Concepts from THE ART OF SOLO (Exclusive)

Star Wars is a franchise known for not throwing away any designs. For example, an unused Jabba the Hutt concept for Return of the Jedi was used for the character Azmorigan in Star Wars Rebels, and a Sith witch design for Attack of the Clones became Mother Talzin in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Seeing […]

George R.R. Martin’s THE ICE DRAGON to Be Adapted by Warner Bros.

The closest we might ever get to seeing an ice dragon on Game of Thrones‘ is the Night King’s wight dragon Viserion, who despite having much in common with the legendary frozen beasts isn’t truly one. But soon we’ll get to see one of George R.R. Martin‘s frozen creatures on the big screen, just not in […]

The Urban Legends That Inspired SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK

Kids love to tell scary stories. Whether on dark nights during sleepovers or around dim low-burning campfires, the oral tradition of sharing terrifying tales is one that exists in pretty much every culture and community. Often intended to teach children simple moral and societal lessons, these stories adapt and change but often share similar threads, […]


Alvin Schwartz and Stephen Gammell’s iconic collections of folklore and urban legends have been terrifying and enticing children since the 1981 release of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Schwartz’s streamlined versions of familiar stories, combined with Gammell’s atmospheric and often horrifying art, created something truly special that was a formative part of many […]

9 Little Known Facts About STAR WARS’ Most Iconic Ship, the Millennium Falcon

Han Solo‘s faithful flying machine the Millennium Falcon is among the most iconic of cinematic spaceships, but even such a familiar vessel has seen its lore change and evolve over the years. As we move ever closer to the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, we thought that we would look back and revisit some […]

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