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New HARRY POTTER Candies Feature Replica Chocolate Wands

We love October because it means witches, ghosts, and scary movies, but it should never be overlooked that the spookiest time of the year also means something just as important: candy. Lots and lots of candy. And this year’s batch is going to be extra magical, because Jelly Belly will release new additions to its […]

HARRY POTTER Christmas Village Collection Is Also Perfect for Halloween

The holiday season means bright lights and Christmas trees everywhere you go, and in many homes it also means setting up those idyllic little towns where everyone is blissfully playing in the snow and visiting Santa Claus. They are a glimpse at a magical world during the most wonderful time of the year, but they […]

I AM NEIL ARMSTRONG Teaches Kids About the Moon Landing

Mankind will get to learn a lot more about the incredible life of a true American legend when director Damien Chazelle’s Neil Armstrong biopic First Man lands in theaters this October. Unfortunately, the movie and the book it was based on, James R. Hansen’s biography, aren’t exactly geared towards children, who should also learn all about the first […]

Unique Vintage Makes Magic with Hogwarts House Dresses

Hogwarts house colors and magical embellishments are always in style, and since style is the name of the game at Unique Vintage, it comes as no surprise that they’ve been able to completely change the game when it comes to Harry Potter fashion. The site recently began selling these four gorgeous swing dresses, each featuring […]

11 Magic-Infused Books We Can’t Wait to Read This Fall

It’s the best time of the year a.k.a. fall a.k.a. Halloween a.k.a. Nerdoween. It’s time to pull out your cozy sweaters, rock some thick socks and witchy boots, and eat a lot of pumpkin pie. As the nights get longer, the leaves turn redder, and the wind gets chillier, there’s nothing better than curling up in […]

Alfonso Cuaron Directed HARRY POTTER Because Guillermo del Toro Made Fun of Him

In general, peer pressure is not something to which you should succumb. It’s hard not to sometimes, especially if you’re trying to be “cool,” but we implore you to stand your ground, follow your heart, and don’t do things you don’t want to do. Unless, of course, the peer who’s pressuring you is Guillermo del […]

The SOLO Novelization Includes Important ROGUE ONE Characters

The end of Solo: A Star Wars Story connected Han Solo’s origin story to the growing rebellion against the Empire. He showed his good guy tendencies by handing over the hard-won, extremely valuable (to the tune of sixty million credits) coaxium not to the man who hired him, Dryden Vos, but to Enfys Nest and […]

No, Chewbacca Doesn’t Eat People

Does Chewbacca eat people? Some Star Wars fans couldn’t help but wonder about the unthinkable question when Imperial troopers tossed Han Solo into the Wookiee’s cell on Mimban, commenting about how the “Beast” must be hungry. But don’t worry. Chewbacca didn’t snack on humans to survive. The Solo: A Star Wars Story novelization by Mur Lafferty, released […]

HARRY POTTER Meets FINAL FANTASY in This Spellbinding Mashup Art

Harry Potter and Final Fantasy are both enduring franchises that have told compelling stories time and time again. You may think that’s where the similarities between the novels and video games end, but artist Landon Otis envisioned an incredible way to bring the two fan favorites together. His mashup fan art, based on the ethereal […]

GAME OF THRONES’ 33-Player Tabletop Game Is Massive, Intricate, and Free

A new fan-made tabletop might be the most authentic Game of Thrones–inspired board game yet. Just like the show, the game involves a massive amount of characters, which is thrilling even if the idea of getting 33 people together for a session might be as difficult as stopping a dragon. Defy Danger’s Aegon’s Conquest, which […]

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