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STAR TREK VS. TRANSFORMERS Comic Series Beaming Down This September

Ever since the ’90s, the universe of Star Trek has collided with pop culture properties of all shapes and sizes, from X-Men to the Legion of Super-Heroes, to more recently, Doctor Who, Green Lantern, and even Planet of the Apes. Now the finest Starfleet has to offer are teaming up with the Autobots in IDW’s […]

Is This the First Look At Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet?

Last year, the first Wonder Woman movie gave the DC Extended Universe a much needed boost with fans and critics. That’s why director Patty Jenkins is once again at the helm of Wonder Woman 1984, with Gal Gadot in the title role and even Chris Pine back as Steve Trevor…somehow. The ’80s were a very […]

Amazon Orders Robert Kirkman’s INVINCIBLE As an Animated Series

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman landed a big development deal with Amazon Studios last year. Now, Amazon is ordering an adaptation of Kirkman’s other signature comic book series: Invincible. Via The Hollywood Reporter (THR), Amazon has lined up Invincible as an one-hour animated drama series with eight episodes for its first season. Teen Titans veteran Simon Racioppa […]

Grab Jenn St-Onge’s Rad BATWOMAN Print and Support Families Separated at the Border

In a time when we’re all just trying to do our best in the face of ever-mounting odds, it’s always amazing to see rad people coming together to support causes that they believe in. Today via her Twitter account, Nancy Drew and Jem: The Misfits artist Jenn St-Onge announced that she’s making her exclusive Batwoman print available […]

X-MEN Wedding Twist Leads to New Ongoing Series

Warning: Massive spoilers are ahead for X-Men: Gold #30! For months, Marvel has built up the wedding of Kitty Pryde and Colossus as the superhero social event of the season. This week’s X-Men Gold #30 was supposed to be the culmination of that decades long romance. But Marvel couldn’t resist spoiling the twist a day […]

Does This New STAR WARS Comic Hint at a Path to Redemption for Kylo Ren?

We know that it’s still well over a year until Lucasfilm unleashes Star Wars: Episode IX, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of galactic entertainment for us to pick apart and enjoy in the meantime. Ever since buying Lucasfilm, Disney has done a fantastic job of creating a more streamlined expanded world of canon […]

Jon Bernthal Returning to THE WALKING DEAD In Season 9

According to several reports, The Walking Dead season 9 may be the final curtain call for Andrew Lincoln‘s Rick Grimes. But if Rick is really on his way out, then he may be seeing his oldest friend one last time. Jon Bernthal is reprising his role as Shane Walsh for the first time in nearly seven years. […]

STRANGER THINGS Comics Are Coming from Dark Horse This Fall

Stranger Things‘ third season may not arrive this year, but 2018 is turning into a big turning point for the franchise. Fans won’t have to wait long for new adventures in the Upside Down. During E3 2018, Netflix and Telltale Games revealed plans for a Stranger Things video game. And a Stranger Things prequel novel is coming in 2019, […]

Artist Imagines What Happened in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR After the Snap

At the climax of Avengers: Infinity War the Mad Titan named Thanos used the powers of his fully assembled Infinity Gauntlet and killed off half the population of the universe. It was the snap heard round the universe. Although the film gave us the very immediate aftermath of the snap event, for lack of a better word, […]

Can Superheroes Save the Multiverse in JUSTICE LEAGUE #2? (Exclusive Preview)

After the multiverse-shattering events of Dark Nights: Metal and Justice League: No Justice, the world’s greatest heroes have restructured the Justice League, and the long absent Martian Manhunter has rejoined the team as its leader. J’onn has taken it upon himself to coordinate the team to face the upcoming threats coming to the Earth due […]

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