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Steel Serpent Shows His Power in Final IRON FIST Season 2 Trailer

Sacha Dawan’s Davos may not be as hilarious an adversary for Danny Rand as David Wenham’s Harold Meacham–whose blank-slate resurrection in season 1 was on a par with Kyle MacLachlan’s “Dougie” in Twin Peaks–but he’s a whole lot deadlier. In the final trailer for Iron Fist season 2, which drops Sept. 7th, he appears to […]

Can The Hulk Jump Into Space?

The Incredible Hulk is a hero defined by his incredible feats of strength. Bruce Banner’s gamma ray-altered alter-ego has done everything from ripping Wolverine in half to stopping an earthquake with his bare hands. But this kind of strength is so terrestrial. Is the Hulk strong enough to do something really otherworldly? Could he jump into space? […]

Did Tom Holland Spoil a Secret Villain For SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME?

Warning: This post contains potential spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home! Thanos may have gained near infinite power by the end of Avengers: Infinity War, but not even the Mad Titan can stop Tom Holland‘s endless stream of spoilers. Getting dusted by Thanos was only a slight inconvenience for the MCU’s Spidey, since he will […]

Everything You Need to Know About AQUAMAN’s Black Manta

Everything is better, down where it’s wetter, under the sea. Sebastian’s immortal words from The Little Mermaid have never rung truer than they do for Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ upcoming Aquaman film. But DC Comics’ protector of the deep is going to have his hands full with not one, but two villains: Black Manta […]


Hey comics buds! It’s Wednesday, which means only one thing: time to head to your local comic shop and pick up some super rad new reads! I’m filling in this week for your usual Seer of Sequential Storytelling, Benjamin Bailey, and will be recommending you some of my most anticipated books that will be hitting […]

How the Russos Chose Who To Eradicate In INFINITY WAR!

It’s been a few months since Avengers: Infinity War upended the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a massive cliffhanger from which we’re still reeling. With a snap of his fingers, Thanos wiped out half of the universe, and left fans stunned to see some of the MCU’s best characters fade away like dust in the wind. […]

INFINITY WAR’s Honest Trailer Celebrates the MCU’s Most Marvel Movie

We can debate whether or not it truly was “the most ambitious crossover event in history,” but there’s one thing no one can deny about Infinity War–it definitely had the most Marvel of any Marvel movie ever made. It was loaded with so many characters from the MCU, both superheroes and villains alike, fighting at […]

JINXWORLD PEARL: Brian Michael Bendis On Crafting His New Creator Owned Comic (EXCLUSIVE)

Brian Michael Bendis is currently embarking on a huge and life changing transition. Not only has he left what many saw as his spiritual home at Marvel and signed an exclusive contract at DC Comics–where he’s taken helm of both Superman and Action Comics–but he’s also found a home for his own creator-owned imprint Jinxworld […]

SPIDER-MAN PS4 Gameplay Trailer Shows a Bunch of Baddies

Recently, we had a chance to spend a few hours with Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man game for the Playstation 4, and we were blown away by its presentation. But now gamers won’t have to wait long to play it themselves. Spider-Man is hitting the Playstation 4 on September 7, and a new launch trailer is thrusting […]

VENOM Co-Creator Todd McFarlane Makes Some Adjustments to Tom Hardy’s Venom

The last trailer for Venom offered a glimpse at its main character in all his terrifying glory, but not everyone was won over by his look. In fact, one comic book fan whose love for the character goes back to its origins thinks Tom Hardy’s Symbiote could use a little tweaking. And his opinion has […]

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