How Does the BLACK PANTHER Animated Series Hold Up?

Thanks to the blockbuster success of the feature film, Black Panther has never been more popular than he is now. However, Marvel laid the groundwork for T’Challa’s newfound A-list status nearly a decade ago with a short-lived animated series on BET. Now, all six episodes of Black Panther have been posted on Marvel’s YouTube channel, […]

Did the New AVENGERS Trailer Disprove Who Dies in INFINITY WAR?

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Avengers: Infinity War!  Marvel really didn’t need to drop another Avengers: Infinity War trailer to get us pumped up for the MCU’s biggest story to date, but that didn’t stop them from unleashing a new sneak peek with tantalizing moments pulled straight out of the comics. From Doctor Strange‘s […]

Hot Toys’ THOR: RAGNAROK Loki is Anything But Low-Key

“Who you trying to get crazy with, Surtur? Don’t you know I’m Loki?” Yes, Thor‘s naughty brother has always been a little insane in the membrane, but this newest Hot Toys rendition of the master of mischief looks way more serious than usual, which happens when you’ve seen your entire homeworld destroyed by the evil […]

The Best Internet Reactions to AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Trailer

It’s been almost ten years since the MCU exploded onto the blockbuster scene with Iron Man. Since then it’s become one of the biggest franchises of all time, and the previous 18 movies have all been leading up to this. Yes, Thanos has his gauntlet and he’s ready to collect those Infinity Gem Stones. In just […]

BLACK PANTHER’s Dora Milaje Get Spinoff Comic

For the last twenty years, the Dora Milaje have primarily been supporting characters in Black Panther‘s ongoing adventures. But thanks to the blockbuster success of the Black Panther film, Marvel is testing the waters for the Dora Milaje’s most popular members to headline their own comics. Via Vogue, Marvel has revealed that Okoye, Ayo, Aneka, and […]

Dark Secrets Will Be Revealed In ARCHIE #29 (Exclusive)

Riverdale’s red haired rapscallion has long been one of the stalwarts of comic shops and newsstands alike, and since 2015 has been reaching an entirely new audience with a rebooted main title story launched by Fiona Staples and Mark Waid! The comic is currently its fifth arc with Waid still at the helm, the radical […]

BATMAN #48 Gives Batman and Catwoman Some Pre-Wedding Day Troubles (Exclusive Preview)

If the wedding of the 20th century was that between Superman and Lois Lane, then clearly the wedding of the current century is the upcoming union of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, better known to you as Batman and Catwoman. In Batman #50, coming to comic shops this summer, the Cat and the Bat will finally tie […]

The Cast of iZOMBIE On How New Seattle Reflects Our World

Fantasy and science fiction have long been used as political and social analogs, ways of creating cultural commentary from the masses. Though a crime procedural about a zombie eating brains might not seem like the obvious choice for some razor sharp satire, the early episodes of the fourth season have revealed an entirely new take […]

Why INFINITY WAR Has Us Pumped for a Spidey/Strange Pairing

Small-scale storytelling, an organic connection to the greater themes of the MCU, a villain with clear-cut motivations, and pitch-perfect casting were just some of the elements that made Spider-Man: Homecoming one of the best Marvel movies to date. Tom Holland‘s Peter Parker is a consistent delight: endearingly self-deprecating and boundlessly enthusiastic with killer comedic timing. […]