BATMAN #48 Gives Batman and Catwoman Some Pre-Wedding Day Troubles (Exclusive Preview)

If the wedding of the 20th century was that between Superman and Lois Lane, then clearly the wedding of the current century is the upcoming union of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, better known to you as Batman and Catwoman. In Batman #50, coming to comic shops this summer, the Cat and the Bat will finally tie […]

Ava DuVernay to Direct DC Comics’ NEW GODS

Disney’s adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time has barely been out a week, but director Ava DuVernay has already lined up her next gig–and it’s even more cosmic than her last film. Warner Bros. has enlisted DuVernay to bring DC Comics’ New Gods to life in their very first live-action adaptation. Deadline broke the story about DuVernay’s pending […]

BATMAN: THE ENEMY WITHIN’s Final Trailer Teases The Joker’s Redemption

Could the Joker ever truly be saved from himself? Through almost every incarnation of the Batman mythos, the Clown Prince of crime has become an irredeemable monster. Now, however, Telltale Games‘ Batman: The Enemy Within gives fans a unique opportunity to mold the Joker’s destiny. The first few installments have depicted Joker as John Doe, a […]


Welcome, Wednesday Warriors! It’s new comic book day! But before you head to the local comic shop, arm yourself with a few recommendations—add a new title or two to your list. And for you big spenders out there, we also have a complete list of this week’s releases. VAMPIRONICA #1 Written By: Greg Smallwood and Meg Smallwood Art By: […]

TITANS TV Series Will Introduce Second Robin, Jason Todd

While fans might be waiting years for that Nightwing movie, or finding out the story behind Robin #2’s costume in the trophy case in Batman v Superman, it seems we will be getting live-action versions of our favorite former Batman sidekicks — just on television and not the big screen. The latest episode of the […]

A Supercut of DC COMICS Movies’ Fake Deaths

It’s a time honored tradition for movies to attempt to trick the audience into believing an important character has died only to bring them back at the most dramatic moment possible. But the superhero genre goes to that well more often than most–perhaps because comic books have always played fast and loose with the rules […]

9 Rad Women We’d Love to See Tackle BATGIRL

Joss Whedon has officially left DC’s burgeoning Batgirl project. And while there’s a LOT to be said about that, this piece is all about looking ahead at the future of Barbara Gordon in the DCEU. Ever since Walter Hamada was announced as the new Warner Bros. President of DC Films we knew change was in […]

Diana Takes on Darkseid in WONDER WOMAN #41 (Exclusive Preview)

It’s been a rough year for Diana Prince in the world of the Wonder Woman comics. Our esteemed Amazonian princess found out that much of her past was a lie, faced off against friend-turned-enemy the Cheetah, and discovered that she has a twin brother named Jason, who wasn’t exactly what you’d call a winner. How much more […]