Will WESTWORLD Season 2 Troll Us With Fake Rumors?

Westworld‘s creators are hoping to stop viewers from figuring out the show’s big twists in season two, so does that mean they’re going to start trolling us with fake rumors? We discussed what they might be up to on today’s Nerdist News Talks Back, along with what we expect from the upcoming new Infinity War […]

WESTWORLD Fans Experience Sweetwater IRL at SXSW

There’s no show better suited for elaborate publicity stunts and exclusive promotions than Westworld. And that’s never been clearer than it was with SXSW 2018’s one-of-a-kind Westworld experience. Dubbed the Westworld: Live Without Limits Weekend, the staggeringly elaborate in-universe event that occurred on March 9 -March 11 took up more than two acres of land […]

GAME OF THRONES’ Night King Gets an Icy Variant Statue by Dark Horse

Game of Thrones is full of devious villains and schemers who are happy and adept at playing one rival against another to further hidden agendas, and chart a chess-like strategy toward the Iron Throne. But in the case of one particular villain, we can safely say he’s pretty transparent and his motives are absolutely clear. […]

WESTWORLD Mobile Game Takes You into the World of Delos Parks

Cease all motor functions! Westworld‘s second season is just around the corner on HBO. And while the androids are revolting, there’s still an opportunity for fans to satisfy their violent delights in a Westworld of their own. Warner Bros. Interactive has announced Westworld: Delos Park Training Simulation, an upcoming mobile game that will let guests evolve […]

How Bloody Will Things Get in WESTWORLD’s Second Season?

New photos for the next season of Westworld has everyone looking very serious. You might even say deadly serious. On today’s Nerdist News Talks Back we discussed how bloody season two might be, along with Kristen Wiig as the next Wonder Woman villain, and if we’re ready to go to Hogwarts with the new Harry Potter game. […]

Michael B. Jordan Wants to Burn All the Books in First FAHRENHEIT 451 Teaser

As explained in the tagline for Ray Bradbury‘s classic dystopian novel, Fahrenheit 451, the title refers to the temperature at which books and paper burn. That’s fitting because the lead character is a fireman whose entire purpose in life is to torch books in a future where all printed materials have been banned. Later this year, Creed and […]

WESTWORLD Websites Show 6 Total Parks and Reveal Delos Founder

HBO’s Westworld experience reaches beyond the television screen. The story is expanded through in-universe websites that add to and usually compound the plot threads shown in the series. For example, in July 2017, the Discover Westworld site featured a message from someone trapped inside the park–and that someone is probably among the hosts that are […]

Phoebe Robinson Dishes on “Opening for GAME OF THRONES,” Cersei, and Meeting Robb Stark

If Game of Thrones has made any sort of statement in the last two seasons, it’s that the women now have all the power. And with great power, comes great responsibility. (Wait, wrong fantasy series. Oh well.) So we ran full-tilt with the idea over on Fangirling, taking it upon ourselves to kick off the year with […]