Opening of THE LAST JEDI/Rian Johnson Documentary Available to Watch Now

As fans of the galaxy far, far away we tend to view every new Star Wars movie through the lens of what it means for the franchise and the characters, but what must it be like to literally look through the lens and create one? The burdens and responsibilities of being in the director’s chair […]

Did THE LAST JEDI Novelization Reveal Luke Skywalker’s Wife?

The Last Jedi did not go the way anyone thought, but is the movie’s novelization about to shake things up even more by adding a Mrs. Luke Skywalker to the galaxy far, far away? We discussed it on today’s Nerdist News Talks Back, along with whether Mark Hamill will appear in the next Guardians of […]

Mark Hamill is Finally Getting a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

  We were shocked to realize that Mark Hamill didn’t already have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, what with a four-decade career behind him and a longstanding seat as the face of the biggest franchise in pop culture. Thankfully, this wrong is about to be righted! Variety reports that Hamill will soon become […]

THE LAST JEDI’s Rian Johnson Answers Question About Luke’s Robot Hand

The reactions from Star Wars fans to The Last Jedi have been so polarizing it has been impossible to discuss the film without being told why everything you think is wrong. And those constant, never-ending debates have been exhausting. But just as bad, they have prevented us from having the kind of nerd arguments we really want […]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wrote a (Very Long) Defense of Luke Skywalker in THE LAST JEDI

Like the First Order staring down the Resistance on Crait, battle lines have been drawn among Star Wars fans when it comes to whether they loved or hated The Last Jedi. And much of that revolves around how people felt about what the movie did with Luke Skywalker. Those feelings are so strong in both directions that […]

9 Films We Hope Get Oscar Nominations in 2018

With the Oscar nominations just over the horizon (January 24), we’ve been thinking about the movies we’ve loved this year that deserve serious Academy recognition. Though we know it’s unlikely that many of our genre-oriented picks will get the kind of consideration they deserve, we still believe that they have a chance for nods in […]

Mark Hamill Pays Tribute to Carrie Fisher on the Anniversary of Her Death

Today marks one year since Carrie Fisher died and we had to say goodbye to our Princess and General. While we still got one final great performance from her in The Last Jedi, it also reminded us of how much we’ll miss her all the more. But as Luke Skywalker told his sister in the […]

Luke Skywalker Cosplayer is a Jedi Santa for Sick Children

This new generation of Star Wars movies has made the space opera franchise something of a holiday tradition. I’ll admit, as an old school Star Wars fan, I resisted the notion of seeing the series escape its summertime roots, but after three Christmas seasons in a row surrounded by all kinds of Jedi goodness, I’ve become quite used to […]

THE LAST JEDI Finally Deals with STAR WARS’ Most Toxic Relationship

Warning: The following contains major spoilers Star Wars: The Last Jedi. A lot happens in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. There are multiple space battles, huge losses on both sides, a bundle of great story beats, and general galactic adventure. It’s arguably one of the most action packed entries in the beloved franchise, but in […]

THE LAST JEDI Shows Why It’s Okay for Our Heroes to Disappoint Us

Warning: The following contains major spoilers for The Last Jedi. It’s hard to imagine there is a single Star Wars fan who was happy to learn what kind of man Luke Skywalker had become since we last saw him over three decades ago. Who went into The Last Jedi hoping the brave hero of the originally […]