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Mark Hamill Will Basically Play Medieval Luke Skywalker on KNIGHTFALL

A battle-scarred veteran knight has been in exile for years. Eventually, he returns to the fray to train the next generation of warriors. Well, who else are you going to get for that role but Mark Hamill? On the History Channel‘s Knightfall, a drama series about the Knights Templar, the Last Jedi will become Talus, […]

Everything We Know About STAR WARS: EPISODE IX So Far

After forty years the story of the most famous family in the galaxy far, far away will soon come to an end, when Star Wars: Episode IX closes out the Skywalker family saga at the end of 2019. But how will things end for Rey, Finn, Poe, Kylo Ren, and the rest? What secrets will […]

Mark Hamill Shares His Feelings on Carrie Fisher Appearing in STAR WARS: EPISODE IX

After the unexpected passing of Carrie Fisher back in 2016, many wondered whether the final installment of the Skywalker Saga would proceed without any inclusion of Fisher or Leia Organa. It was a tough pill to swallow, seeing as any story surrounding the Skywalkers that doesn’t include Leia would just felt wrong. So when J.J. […]

STAR WARS: EPISODE IX Cast Will Include Mark Hamill and Unused Carrie Fisher Footage

Ever since the record-breaking, audience-dividing, box office-smashing The Last Jedi, fans have been waiting for news about the forthcoming ninth entry into the most famous franchise in all of the galaxy. Though rumors about Star Wars Episode IX have been plentiful, we got our first big official announcement today as revealed the cast of the film! […]

STAR WARS Fans Showed Their Love for Rose Tico at Comic-Con

It’s a strange time in the Star Wars fandom. There’s never been more to celebrate, with new films coming out every year, a brand new canon of books and comics and games to explore, and the return of the beloved animated series The Clone Wars. But there’s also a tinge of ugliness, as harassment campaigns […]

Mark Hamill Shares Some Early STAR WARS Posters and They Are Wild

Before Disney bought Lucasfilm, Mark Hamill was keeping the Galaxy Far Far Away alive, and since his return as Luke Skywalker he hasn’t stopped, with his Twitter presence a constant joy for Star Wars fans everywhere. Today he shared some prototype posters for the original Star Wars film, which–along with his thoughts–are a total riot. […]

Mark Hamill on How Kelsey Grammer and Classic Hollywood Inspired His TROLLHUNTERS Character

Mark Hamill joined Guillermo del Toro‘s animated Netflix series Trollhunters in its second season as Dictatious, a laughably confident troll who left his family behind and joined the dark side. (Sound familiar?) Hamill’s character is also the evil twin of Kelsey Grammer‘s hilarious good troll Blinky, who has even more bravado than Sideshow Bob (only if Bob were truly brave and noble). With […]

Allow Terry Crews to Catch You Up on All Five Seasons of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE

Terry Crews is a delightful human being who steals the spotlight on Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Sergeant Terry Jeffords. So, of course, we were devastated when the show was canceled. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions for 31 hours but, thanks to fans and celebrities like Mark Hamill, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back and so […]

Mark Hamill Wants His Own Reylo Moment

Luke Skywalker had to travel to the edge of the galaxy to make a love connection. Besides kissing his sister, Luke hasn’t any romantic encounters in Star Wars…until Ahch-To. Then he got to share an intimate moment with the thala-siren, a.k.a. the Star Wars sea cow. I talked to Mark Hamill while visiting Ireland for […]

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