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Daniel Craig to Star in Director Rian Johnson’s New Murder Mystery

James Bond 25 might be looking for a new director, but the delay won’t keep Daniel Craig away from the big screen. The current 007 has signed on to star in Rian Johnson‘s first film since The Last Jedi, in a story that sounds like a modern day take on an Agatha Christie-style murder mystery. […]

STAR WARS Meets Rian Johnson’s BRICK in Hilarious Fan Film

Long before he got to determine the fates of beloved characters in the Star Wars galaxy, writer/director Rian Johnson made a name for himself with the brilliant indie film Brick back in 2005. The movie was a 1940s style mystery noir/thriller, spoken almost entirely in gumshoe dialogue from classic detective stories of the past, but […]

STAR WARS Fans Showed Their Love for Rose Tico at Comic-Con

It’s a strange time in the Star Wars fandom. There’s never been more to celebrate, with new films coming out every year, a brand new canon of books and comics and games to explore, and the return of the beloved animated series The Clone Wars. But there’s also a tinge of ugliness, as harassment campaigns […]

The Internet Reacts to That THE LAST JEDI Fan Remake

Star Wars: The Last Jedi received a surprisingly negative response from some fans. The film still made over one billion dollars at the worldwide box office, but a vocal minority felt The Last Jedi had somehow disparaged the Star Wars movies that came before it. At some point, we really need to have a discussion […]

All of These GDPR Privacy Policy Emails Have Inspired a Brilliant Meme

If you’ve spent any time checking your email recently, you may have noticed an increase in the already annoyingly high number of emails various websites are sending you. Facebook, Twitter, that one random app you don’t use anymore that still messages you anyway — everybody’s doing it. CNN blames it on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), […]

THE LAST JEDI’s Rian Johnson Learns “Porg” Is Not a Real Word

Director Rian Johnson really lined up everything perfectly with The Last Jedi, which scored Lucasfilm a huge hit. The film was critically acclaimed, smashed box offices around the world, and brought the franchise to new and exciting places. It also introduced Star Wars fans to the latest and greatest adorable creatures in the galaxy far, […]

These LAST JEDI Prints Will Make You the Envy of the Galaxy

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. It doesn’t matter how long until the next film opens. Star Wars fever doesn’t have a season. It can hit anyone at any time without warning. Take Bottleneck Gallery for example. It has been almost four months to the day since the release of The Last […]

Will J.J. Abrams Retcon STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI?

It’s been a few months since Star Wars: The Last Jedi completely destroyed fan theories that Rey was secretly related to the primary characters of the original trilogy. She’s not a Skywalker, or a Solo, or even a Kenobi—she’s simply a young woman whose parents abandoned her on Jakku. But according to Simon Pegg, J.J. Abrams […]

J.J. Abrams Originally Had Different Plans for Rey’s Parentage

Director Rian Johnson’s startlingly different vision of the galaxy far, far away has drawn much critique and conversation since the release of The Last Jedi. Among the loudest of the controversies involved Johnson’s radical decision to reveal that Rey’s parents weren’t famous lineage characters, as many had suspected (theories had ranged from Obi-Wan, to Palpatine all the […]

THE LAST JEDI’s Animation Supervisor Dishes on Porgs, Fathiers, and BB-8’s Gender

You may think you know all there is to know about Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘s adorable and insanely merchandisable Porgs. But what if everything you know is wrong? For example, it’s a common assumption that the Porgs were created in order to digitally mask the puffins that lived on the island of Skellig Michael. […]

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