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Posts published in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

Fan Video Shows the Similarities Between SOLO and THE LAST JEDI’s Ships

Star Wars fans are in the midst of a drought. Although Solo: A Star Wars Story drops on digital on September 14 and Blu-ray on September 25, there will be a severe lack of new Star Wars film content until Episode IX details start trickling out. And for Star Wars shippers, the wait will feel even […]

STAR WARS Meets Rian Johnson’s BRICK in Hilarious Fan Film

Long before he got to determine the fates of beloved characters in the Star Wars galaxy, writer/director Rian Johnson made a name for himself with the brilliant indie film Brick back in 2005. The movie was a 1940s style mystery noir/thriller, spoken almost entirely in gumshoe dialogue from classic detective stories of the past, but […]

Reylo’s 7 Best Moments in STAR WARS

Star Wars is rich with action, adventure, family, and romance. From Han and Leia’s princess/scoundrel dynamic to Anakin and Padmé’s tragic fate to the overload of cuteness that is FinnPoe, there’s a ship for everyone in a galaxy far, far away. Perhaps the most controversial? Reylo. Rey is a powerful, intelligent, resourceful, kind Jedi and […]

How Disney Is Expanding On THE LAST JEDI

Given that Lucasfilm lined up Rian Johnson for a brand new Star Wars trilogy before anyone outside of the company saw The Last Jedi, it seems safe to assume that the company didn’t think the film would be controversial among fans. That sequel received a less-than-welcome reception among some viewers, and outright hostility from others. […]

Could J.J. Abrams Retcon Rey’s Origin with Obi-Wan?

One of the major revelations of Star Wars: The Last Jedi was that Rey, the leading heroine of the new trilogy, had truly come from nothing. She’s not a Skywalker, a Solo, a Kenobi, or even a Palpatine. Not everyone was happy about that creative decision, but it’s something that could potentially be revisited in Star […]

The Internet Reacts to That THE LAST JEDI Fan Remake

Star Wars: The Last Jedi received a surprisingly negative response from some fans. The film still made over one billion dollars at the worldwide box office, but a vocal minority felt The Last Jedi had somehow disparaged the Star Wars movies that came before it. At some point, we really need to have a discussion […]

Ranking Every Kiss in the STAR WARS Movies

Star Wars is all at once a space opera, a sci-fi adventure, and a generational epic filled with amazing relationships and, most importantly, romances. Several love stories play out in the saga, filled with passion, angst, class differences, and everything else that drives people into each other’s arms. Solo: A Star Wars Story is now […]


Now that Solo: A Star Wars Story is out in theaters, fans are looking at the longest gap between Star Wars movies since The Force Awakens hit in 2015. Star Wars: Episode IX isn’t coming until the end of 2019. Currently, the only thing we have to fill the void is Marvel’s Poe Dameron comic, […]

Everything Coming to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu in June 2018

If you love sci-fi, fantasy, and superheroes, June is going to be an amazing month on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is streaming again and the mind-bending The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is not to be missed. More impressively, both Thor: Ragnarok and Star Wars: The Last Jedi are set to make […]

Marvel’s POE DAMERON Comic Finally Brings Poe, Rey, and Finn Together

Although Star Wars: The Force Awakens introduced Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron as the next generation of heroes, the first two movies of the new trilogy hasn’t really given them much time together as a trio. However, this week’s Star Wars: Poe Dameron #26 is going to change that with the first canonical scene to […]

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