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The Force Is With This STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE Anime Fan Trailer

It’s fair to say that the original Star Wars: A New Hope is maybe the most influential movie of the last fifty years. Among the many different types of movies that have drawn inspiration from George Lucas’ 1977 classic, a great deal of sci-fi anime has been heavily influenced, from the space battles in Macross/Robotech, […]

Disney To Stop Releasing a New STAR WARS Movie Every Year

Ever since Solo‘s “disappointing” box office return (only for a studio accustomed to billion dollar returns is nearly $400 million in global ticket sales disappointing), there have been reports Disney was reassessing its plans for more Star Wars movies. But if you were worried about the future of the galaxy far, far away, Disney‘s CEO […]

A Complete Guide to the Cinematic References and Inspirations of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY

If you’re looking to obtain a crash course in cinema history, look no further than Star Wars. The series owes much of what makes it feel so grandiose and enthralling to the cinema of the past. From rebellious outlaws to epic duels, Star Wars‘ cinematic influences cover all eras and genres of film history. Continuing this tradition, […]

Action Figures Remixing Iconic Movie Scenes Will Blow Your Mind

Although we’ve seen some incredible photography using action figures before, we’ve never seen anything quite like the work of  photographer Jax Navarro, who also goes by the name PlasticAction. Using action figures from various different aspects of pop culture, like movies, television and comics, Navarro makes lifelike recreations of different iconic movie moments mashed up together. […]

Ray Park Wants a Darth Maul/Boba Fett Team-Up Movie

While Solo: A Star Wars Story shed new light on long-referenced events (and explained things we never asked for), it also included a major bombshell reveal at the end of the film which brought a fan-favorite character back to the big screen for the first time in nearly two decades. One of the most talked-about moments […]

SOLO Concept Art Offers Hilarious Looks at Han and Chewbacca

There might be no greater friendship in the galaxy far, far away than that of Han and Chewbacca, and in Solo: A Star Wars Story we got to see how they first met. To celebrate the movie’s digital and home release, Lucasfilm has shared concept art from the film that shows how the story of […]

Sam Witwer on Bringing Maul to the Big Screen in SOLO

Sam Witwer has been a huge part of the Star Wars universe since he was first introduced in the 2008 game The Force Unleashed. Since then Witwer has established himself at the center of the galaxy far, far away, becoming the voice of several major characters including Emperor Palpatine, the Son, and of course, Darth Maul. […]

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Turns 40 and Remains TV’s Biggest Space Adventure

Star Wars is a big, huge, massive blockbuster franchise now, and people have had 41 years with it in their lives. It’s sort of a thing that for most of us now just feels like it’s always been there. But there’s no overstating just how gargantuan a sea change Star Wars was. Before there was […]

Fan Video Shows the Similarities Between SOLO and THE LAST JEDI’s Ships

Star Wars fans are in the midst of a drought. Although Solo: A Star Wars Story drops on digital on September 14 and Blu-ray on September 25, there will be a severe lack of new Star Wars film content until Episode IX details start trickling out. And for Star Wars shippers, the wait will feel even […]

11 Magic-Infused Books We Can’t Wait to Read This Fall

It’s the best time of the year a.k.a. fall a.k.a. Halloween a.k.a. Nerdoween. It’s time to pull out your cozy sweaters, rock some thick socks and witchy boots, and eat a lot of pumpkin pie. As the nights get longer, the leaves turn redder, and the wind gets chillier, there’s nothing better than curling up in […]

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