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Posts published in “sxsw”

THE LAST JEDI Digital Release Confirms Romantic Tension Between Rey and Kylo Ren

By now, any Star Wars fan has no doubt heard the term “Reylo” thrown around. That is, of course, the couple name for Rey and Kylo Ren, the new trilogy’s opposing Force-users who operate with something of a yin-and-yang relationship. On one side we have Rey, the blue lightsaber-wielding good guy, and on the other we have […]

WESTWORLD Fans Experience Sweetwater IRL at SXSW

There’s no show better suited for elaborate publicity stunts and exclusive promotions than Westworld. And that’s never been clearer than it was with SXSW 2018’s one-of-a-kind Westworld experience. Dubbed the Westworld: Live Without Limits Weekend, the staggeringly elaborate in-universe event that occurred on March 9 -March 11 took up more than two acres of land […]

Elon Musk Takes Questions at SXSW

Why have space rockets gotten more expensive rather than less? Why don’t we have space hotels like in 2001: A Space Odyssey? How did Elon Musk not realize until just now that “money shot” also has an X-rated meaning? Why wouldn’t he let his friends invest in SpaceX initially? What Three Amigos song wraps up […]

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