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Posts published in “Tech”

6 Super Cool Apps for Reading Comics

Comics are amazing, and we’re living in an age where there truly is a comic for everyone. But when you’re out and about you don’t want to have to carry your long boxes or stacks of trade paperbacks with you, wthat’s where digital comics readers come in! There are plenty of them out there, and […]

See What a Bunch Websites Used to Look Like with This Online Museum

Computers today aren’t what they used to be, in a good way. As technology has progressed at rates we would have thought impossible just 10 or 2o years ago, websites have caught up, redesigning their layouts and repurposing their formats to ensure that they’re offering the best browsing experience for the modern user. Whether you’re […]

This Monster Truck Was Made from a Half-a-Million Dollar Rolls Royce for Some Reason

I have always considered Grave Digger to be the Rolls Royce of monster trucks. However, a new oversized machine of destruction has me reconsidering if it still deserves that title, not because its more powerful, but because someone made a monster truck out of an actual Rolls Royce. Though it’s not clear why anyone would […]

Please Don’t Wear This Spinning Belt of Knives

We’ve seen some pretty wild and potentially hazardous knife-centric devices, like a DIY electric-heated blade, and that giant robot with eight-foot knife arms. But leave it to the mad genius Colin Furze to come up with a contraption that makes those look downright safe. The craziest engineer in the world might have just made his most dangerous […]

Get New RIVERDALE Stories in Text Message Form (Exclusive)

Have you discovered Yarn yet? The micro-storytelling platform creates engaging narratives that throw you into the center of the drama with stories exclusively told in text messages! They’ve taken the internet and app stores by storm, and earlier this year the platform launched some official Riverdale shorts that lean into the horror aspects of the show, with […]

Why You Don’t Want X-Ray Vision

What would the world be like if you could see through anything? That’s the promise of the classic superpower known as “x-ray vision.” Need to see the bad guy behind that wall? No problem. Want to peep the goodies inside a safe? Easy. It seems like a simple superpower with a lot of potential uses, […]

You Can Drive This Life-Size LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron

We’ve seen incredible, massive LEGO builds before, including amazing cars, but the LEGO Technic team has moved the standard for impressive assemblies forward–literally. Their full-sized scale model LEGO Bugatti Chiron is a first of its kind, because even though it’s made up entirely of LEGO Technic elements it is totally drivable. This gorgeous, life-sized scale […]

Artificial Intelligence Can Turn Anybody into the World’s Greatest Dancer

Though none of us want to admit it, some of us are just bad at dancing. But there are multiple ways around that. You could simply not dance. You could make a stop-motion video of yourself that gives off the distinct impression that you can in fact dance. Of course, there’s always the option to […]

A Fully Functional Apple 1 Computer Is Going Up For Auction

I’m writing this post on a MacBook Pro, a late 2013 model with a 13-inch retina screen, 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and a 500 GB flash hard drive, among other specs. The laptop I do my work on every day wouldn’t be possible with the Apple 1, the first […]

Watch AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Come to Life With Even More VFX Reels

Less ambitious movies than Infinity War have been left in the dustbin of history because of sub-par CGI, but thanks to an Avengers-sized team of VFX studios behind-the-scenes, Marvel’s massive crossover event (and its 2,900 visual effects shots) lived up to the hype. And you can see how they all worked to bring Thanos, the […]

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