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Posts published in “Tech”

Will Elon Musk Become the Mole King of Chicago?

Who needs a Sausage King of Chicago when you can have a Mole King reigning over the tunnels beneath the Windy City? Well, that’s exactly what Elon Musk is aiming to be thanks to a gigantic contract The Boring Company won from the city of Chicago. According to The Chicago Tribune, last week Mayor Rahm Emanuel […]

Someone Turned Amazon Alexa Into SOLO’s L3-37

Last month, Solo: A Star Wars Story introduced moviegoers to L3-37, a free spirited and very outspoken droid who was the co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon when it was owned by Lando Calrissian. L3-37 was truly one of a kind, but that hasn’t stopped one intrepid Star Wars fan from attempting to make a L3 […]

Tesla’s Worldwide Storage Now Equivalent to 500 Million AAA Batteries

It’s easy to forget that Elon Musk isn’t all rockets, galas, and controversy. The CEO of Tesla has also been hard at work trying to prove that improved battery technology is one way we get closer to a better, more sustainable future. For example, since the island of Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria […]

You Can Have Your Own Pikachu Robot!

Late last year, news emerged that there would be an app for smart home devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa that would allow you to talk to Pikachu. While it’s a neat new means of packaging the home assistant device, it might not be the most effective thing in the world. After all, Pikachu […]

World Record-Breaking Drone Swarm From China Puts on Magical Show

OK, yes, we’ve seen roughly ten trillion drone swarm light shows over the past few years, but despite that fact, this latest world recording-breaking swarm display out of China is still pretty magical. It turns out watching over 1,300 drones ascend into the night sky, like so many bioluminescent jellyfish, stirs something primal in one’s […]

Watch as Lightsabers Are Transformed Into Musical Instruments

Over forty years ago in the original Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi called the lightsaber “an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.” Having seen the prequel movies, we think that Old Ben was probably bending the truth again, “from a certain point of view.” But the lightsaber went on to capture our collective imaginations for […]

This Neural Network Was Trained to Be a Morbid Psychopath by Reddit

A good April Fools’ joke from some sort of large entity is usually a fun time, especially when there’s more truth behind them than you’d expect. A famous example over the past couple years has been Rick And Morty, which unexpectedly aired a new episode in 2017, and played a bizarre, lower quality Australian version […]

This Guy Made a Perfect Save When His Drone Died Over a Lake

As drones have become more and more commonplace in the consumer market, people have managed to do pretty amazing things with them. They’ve been used to rescue a dog that got stuck in a drain, make bathtubs fly, mix a cocktail, play real-life Fruit Ninja… if there’s something that you can imagine a flying robot doing, […]

This Guy Can Control His Robotic Arm With His Mind And Play Piano

It would be fair to think that somebody with a robotic arm might not be well suited to playing the piano: That’s one of the most dexterous things I can think of doing, and artificial limbs are often clunky and not terribly precise. It’s different with Johnny Matheny, though: Since losing much of his left […]

Richard Branson Wants to Be in Outer Space within 12 Months

The space race between the United States and the former Soviet Union may be a thing of the past, but it’s raging harder than ever between a group of billionaires, each of whom is vying to be the first and biggest name in commercial space travel. While Elon Musk and SpaceX are hard at work […]

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