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Geophysicist Defends Science of Licking Rocks in THE LAST JEDI and DOCTOR WHO

One of the funniest moments in The Last Jedi happened on Crait, when a Resistance soldier touched the ground, licked his finger, and said, “Salt.” Most people don’t taste rocks to figure out what they are made of, but it turns out the joke’s on us, because a geoscientist has explained why it was a […]

STAR WARS Meets Rian Johnson’s BRICK in Hilarious Fan Film

Long before he got to determine the fates of beloved characters in the Star Wars galaxy, writer/director Rian Johnson made a name for himself with the brilliant indie film Brick back in 2005. The movie was a 1940s style mystery noir/thriller, spoken almost entirely in gumshoe dialogue from classic detective stories of the past, but […]

STAR WARS Fans Showed Their Love for Rose Tico at Comic-Con

It’s a strange time in the Star Wars fandom. There’s never been more to celebrate, with new films coming out every year, a brand new canon of books and comics and games to explore, and the return of the beloved animated series The Clone Wars. But there’s also a tinge of ugliness, as harassment campaigns […]

How Disney Is Expanding On THE LAST JEDI

Given that Lucasfilm lined up Rian Johnson for a brand new Star Wars trilogy before anyone outside of the company saw The Last Jedi, it seems safe to assume that the company didn’t think the film would be controversial among fans. That sequel received a less-than-welcome reception among some viewers, and outright hostility from others. […]

RUMOR: STAR WARS: EPISODE IX May See Keri Russell Re-team with J.J. Abrams

Is Keri Russell headed to a galaxy far, far away? That looks to be the case, according to Variety, who announced this morning that The Americans star is “in early talks” to join the cast of J.J. Abrams‘ Star Wars: Episode IX in an unspecified role. When contacted for confirmation, Lucasfilm said they had no […]

The Internet Reacts to That THE LAST JEDI Fan Remake

Star Wars: The Last Jedi received a surprisingly negative response from some fans. The film still made over one billion dollars at the worldwide box office, but a vocal minority felt The Last Jedi had somehow disparaged the Star Wars movies that came before it. At some point, we really need to have a discussion […]

THE LAST JEDI’s Rian Johnson Learns “Porg” Is Not a Real Word

Director Rian Johnson really lined up everything perfectly with The Last Jedi, which scored Lucasfilm a huge hit. The film was critically acclaimed, smashed box offices around the world, and brought the franchise to new and exciting places. It also introduced Star Wars fans to the latest and greatest adorable creatures in the galaxy far, […]

Everything Coming to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu in June 2018

If you love sci-fi, fantasy, and superheroes, June is going to be an amazing month on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is streaming again and the mind-bending The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is not to be missed. More impressively, both Thor: Ragnarok and Star Wars: The Last Jedi are set to make […]

Fan-Casting THE ADDAMS FAMILY Animated Movie

MGM first announced their animated adaptation of The Addams Family back in October 2017 with Gail Berman, Conrad Vernon, and Alex Schwartz producing the film. Other than a release date of October 11, 2019, and news of Oscar Isaac potentially voicing Gomez Addams, we don’t know a whole lot about the animated movie. The studio wants […]

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