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Old Robin Meets New in This Scene From DC Universe’s TITANS

We knew Brenton Thwaites was playing Dick Grayson as Robin on Titans, but now we know he’s not the only red-chested crimefighter who’s done time with Batman in the show’s universe. Jason Todd, played by 20th Century Women‘s Curran Walters, is here too, and whether that means Dick evolves into Nightwing while Jason keeps the […]

7 DC Comics Stories That We Expect to See in TITANS

We are a just shy of a month before the long awaited debut of DC Universe’s first series Titans, based on the classic comic book franchise Teen Titans. Although we’ve seen some still images and one very potty-mouthed trailer, we still know very little about just what this new show will entail. Series producers Geoff […]

DC Universe Reveals TITANS Premiere Date and Gritty New Images

Ever since first hearing about the upcoming DC Universe, fans have been desperate to know more about the groundbreaking streaming service that’ll include classic DC movies and TV shows alongside thousands of comics. We were lucky enough to be invited to the DC Daily studios to watch the filming of the first ever episode of DC Universe’s daily news […]

DC Universe’s DOOM PATROL Casts Cyborg

Although the DC Universe streaming service’s upcoming Titans series won’t have long standing member Cyborg in their initial line-up of heroes, the character is confirmed for another DC Universe streaming show: Doom Patrol. Joivan Wade (The First Purge, Doctor Who) has been cast for the series regular role of Victor Stone, a.k.a. Cyborg in the show. Wade will […]

DC Universe Announces Price, Launch Date, and More Details

Ever since DC Comics announced their direct-to-consumer video service DC Universe, we’ve been wondering exactly two things: “When?” and “How much?” The company has now revealed all of that, along with a few, shall we say, signing bonuses. We know the service will include a large selection of DC Comics-inspired entertainment, including movies, cartoons, and […]

DC Universe’s TITANS Trailer Is Bloody, Swear-Laden, and Fun

“Where’s Batman?” “F*** Batman!” With that exchange—and the copious bloodshed in its new trailer—the DC Universe streaming service’s Titans quickly stakes a claim to subvert all your CW-friendly expectations. This is one Robin more likely to follow “Holy…” with an expletive than some plot-relevant clue. It would appear he’s a detective, trying to escape his past both […]

A Breakdown of DC UNIVERSE’s New Streaming Service

The DC Universe Streaming Service is officially set to launch in fall of this year, and the details are finally here. Although the platform is going to showcase original new series like Titans, Swamp Thing, Harley Quinn, Doom Patrol and Young Justice, it will also be the home to tons of classic television series and […]

Is Superboy Joining The Live-Action TITANS Series?

The live-action Titans show on the upcoming DC Universe streaming service hasn’t even premiered yet, but already we are learning about characters who are going to show up throughout the course of the first season. Aside from the main cast of Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Hawk and Dove, we’ve recently learned that longtime […]

TITANS TV Series Will Introduce Second Robin, Jason Todd

While fans might be waiting years for that Nightwing movie, or finding out the story behind Robin #2’s costume in the trophy case in Batman v Superman, it seems we will be getting live-action versions of our favorite former Batman sidekicks — just on television and not the big screen. The latest episode of the […]

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