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Everything That’s Coming (and Not Coming) to San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Ah, San Diego Comic-Con. Like Christmas morning for the nerds of the world. Every year we flock by the thousands to America’s Finest City to see all of the best announcements, trailers, and panels that pop culture has to offer. If you can brave the crowds and fend off the Con-Flu, it can be a […]

WESTWORLD’s Best Episode Looks Nothing Like Its Other Episodes

Take my heart when you go because there are spoilers through Westworld season 2, episode 8 ahead. What is Westworld‘s essence? The one thing that, if you removed it, would stop Westworld from being Westworld? Is it the mystery? Hundreds of thinkpieces adorned with question marks suggest that’s the case, but the show’s secrets are a trick of the eye. […]

New WESTWORLD Images Remember Ghost Nation

It will be impossible to forget last week’s explosive Westworld, but based on new images from this Sunday’s episode the show will remember the park’s Ghost Nation, in what appears to be a standalone episode that will finally move the mysterious tribe from the periphery of the story to the forefront. The post-credits teaser from […]

WESTWORLD Could Have Had Its Red Wedding, but Stopped Short

The train’s leaving the station, and there are spoilers through Westworld season 2, episode 6 in this article. “Les Écorchés” might have been one for the ages. The kind of episode talked about in the same breath as the Red Wedding. Westworld walked right up to the precipice, guns blazing, but wouldn’t make the leap. What’s worse, they […]

Things Look Bleak for Everyone in New Images From the Next WESTWORLD

Last week’s Westworld ended with the shocking return of Ford–kinda. Was that actually him, or merely his consciousness? Was Bernard experiencing some sort of pre-programmed virtual reality, or another time jump? Is any of it even real? No matter who or what Ford turns out to be, new images from this Sunday’s episode suggest his reappearance […]

On a Weird WESTWORLD, Everyone Chases Illusions

Cease all motor functions: there are spoilers through Westworld season 2, episode 6 past this point. How many Westworlds do we have to keep track of? That’s the alarm bell that went off in my head when Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) stepped off the train and into the smoothly running code version of Sweetwater hiding the devastation […]

Teddy Looks Ticked in Photos for the Next WESTWORLD

Last week’s Westworld gave us a whole lot of Shogun World–and a little bit of Dolores, Teddy, and (sigh) dead cows–but based on images from the next episode we’ll mostly be heading back to the Old West Sunday night, where all of the season’s major stories and players will be found. The teaser for the […]

WESTWORLD’s Homage to SEVEN SAMURAI Doesn’t Disappoint

You’ve got some fluid leaking from your ear, and there are spoilers for Westworld through season 2, episode 5. Let’s be honest for a moment. Westworld‘s twisty mysteries, speculative gold mines, and philosophical conundrums fit for a Murray Shanahan book are all well and good, but Shogun World is what we’ve all been waiting for. Over seventeen […]

Did You Catch WESTWORLD Composer Ramin Djawadi’s Cameo?

Warning: Mild spoilers follow for the most recent episode of Westworld‘s second season, “The Riddle of the Sphinx.” Westworld composer Ramin Djawadi doesn’t only create music and incredibly catchy and memorable covers for the HBO series, he shows up in a cameo role. In Sunday’s episode, “The Riddle of the Sphinx,” the Man in Black […]

New WESTWORLD Images Show Off Shogun World

We’ve been eagerly awaiting a visit to Delos’s samurai park Shogun World ever since Westworld‘s season one premiere teased us with its existence, and in season two’s fifth episode, titled “Akane No Mai” (“Dance of Akane), we’ll finally experience the more gory park in all its glory. And based on new images from the episode, Maeve might […]

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