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A Complete Guide to the Cinematic References and Inspirations of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY

If you’re looking to obtain a crash course in cinema history, look no further than Star Wars. The series owes much of what makes it feel so grandiose and enthralling to the cinema of the past. From rebellious outlaws to epic duels, Star Wars‘ cinematic influences cover all eras and genres of film history. Continuing this tradition, […]

BREAKING BAD’s Aaron Paul Joins WESTWORLD Season 3 as Cast Regular

HBO‘s sci-fi fantasy series Westworld takes place in the world’s most immersive and advanced amusement park, where the line between humans and robots is so blurred it’s impossible to know who is really a guest and who is really a host. Everything that happens there is possible thanks to both the wonders of science. And […]

And the 2018 Emmy Nominees Are…

Perhaps more than ever are we these days turning to television to provide insight about and empathy for—and, yes, an escape from—the turmoils of everyday life. So of course when the time comes to recognize which of the past year’s efforts in small screen artistry have wowed us with the greatest oomph, we’ve got our […]

How WESTWORLD Can Fix Its Biggest Problem for Season 3

Warning: This post contains major spoilers for Westworld‘s season two finale. .. .. The Man in Black spent Westworld‘s first season trying to find the center of Arnold’s maze in hopes it would free up the hosts to really fight back against the guests, all so he could play the game with real stakes. Even […]

Whose Souls Did Dolores Save on WESTWORLD?

Captivating, confusing, and narratively dissatisfying, Westworld‘s second season finale left viewers with more questions than answers. Season three is still a long way off, and knowing this show, there’s no guarantee we’ll get our answers then—or maybe ever. But hey, let’s look on the bright side: that means ample time for fan theories and wild […]

When Does WESTWORLD Take Place?

In the language of memes, there is an image of Robin Williams as his character Alan Parrish from the 1995 film Jumanji screaming “WHAT YEAR IS IT?” It’s usually used to display confusion over an anachronistic moment in current events, but it’s also an accurate mood for how audiences felt as the second season of […]

WESTWORLD Season 2’s Final Scene Might Be How the Series Ends

Warning: This post contains major spoilers for Westworld‘s season two finale. .. .. Throughout Westworld‘s second year Bernard, with his jumbled memories from multiple timelines, continuously asked, “Is this now?” In the season two finale the answer turned out to be yes, as the show finally seemed to leave the past behind as Dolores, robo-Charlotte, […]

WESTWORLD’s Impossible Finale Sacrifices Character for Plot

Backup your memory: Spoilers abound through the season two finale of Westworld. Reddit, the human hivemind, discovered all of Westworld‘s secrets last season, and it clearly made a profound impact on the show’s creators. Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have crafted a sophomore season so focused on confounding that hivemind that they’ve left all sense of humanity […]

What Exactly Is Ford’s Final Game for William on WESTWORLD?

For two seasons Ford and William, the men most responsible for building the world’s greatest and deadliest amusement park, have been dancing around one another in a passive aggressive battle for the fate of Westworld. In season one The Man in Black went searching for the center of Arnold’s “maze” in hopes it would bring […]

The Odds of Who Will Die in WESTWORLD’s Season 2 Finale

Westworld‘s season two premiere ended with the discovery of hundreds of hosts floating dead in a sea that shouldn’t exist, with Bernard cryptically saying, “He killed them–all of them.” The only person–human or host–definitely among the dead was Teddy, who apparently will die. Again. But who is most likely to join him on the deceased […]

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